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            Parameters參數 DXM-72
            適用原料Suitable materials PP,PS,PET,PVC,OPS, PLA.
            成型面積Formed area L720×w720mm
            壓縮空氣壓力Air Pressure 6Bar
            適用片材寬度Sheet Width 450-760mm
            適用片材厚度Sheet Thickness 0.15-2.0mm
            最小成型模具面積Min. Formed Area 420×300mm
            模具最大開合行程Travel depth 150mm
            成型高度Formed depth 120mm
            加熱功率Heating power 25-55kw
            整機重量Total weight 10,000kg
            外觀尺寸Dimension L9m×W2.8m×H2.6m
            最大片材料卷徑Max Roll diameter 1000mm
            額定功率Rated power 100KW
            工作效率Efficiency 30/min

            Servo PLC System

            All units adopt servo control system, combined with advanced automation system, whether it is processing PP, PET, PS, PVC, PE, OPS, degradable materials, or other materials of forming products, our forming machine can always produce good quality.

            Excellent Structure

            模內切工作站的曲臂使用特殊軸承,  配合高精度、穩定的鋼刀裁切微調系統,適應多樣化的生產需求,DXM-72的效率提升、減少模具制造周期和成本是極為關鍵的,伺服驅動凸輪結構更穩定、精準為客戶帶來優勢。
            The crankshaft of die-cutting workstation uses special bearings, cooperates with high precision and stable steel knife cutting fine-tuning system, can adapt to diverse production needs, servo-driven cam structure is more stable and accurate, DXM-72 
            production efficiency is improved, reducing die manufacturing cycle and cost is extremely critical, which brings greater advantages to customers.

            Automatic Stacking

            In order to meet the diversified demands of the market, a stacking station with two functions of bottom stacking and grasping in the manipulator model is adopted.