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            Parameters參數 DX-6150
            適用原料Suitable materials PP,PS,PET,PVC,OPS, PLA.
            適用片材寬度Sheet Width 450-640mm
            適用片材厚度Sheet Thickness 0.15-2.0mm
            最大成型模具面積Max. Formed Area 610×500mm
            最小成型模具面積Min. Formed Area 420×300mm
            最大沖切面積 Punching Area(Max) 610×500mm
            模具最大開合行程Travel depth 150mm
            成型高度Formed depth 120mm
            加熱功率Heating power 45kw
            整機重量Total weight 8500kg
            外觀尺寸Dimension L9m×W2.3m×H2.5m
            工作效率Efficiency 3s/mould

            1、機組全部采用伺服控制系統,結合先進的自動化系統,無論是加工 PP,PET,PS,PVC,PE,OPS,降解材料,還是成型產品的其他材料,我們正負壓成型機始終能生產出做好的品質。

            Outstanding features
            1、Machine all uses the servo control system, combined with the advanced automation system, whether it is processing PP, PET, PS, PVC, PE, OPS, degradation material, or other materials of the molding product, our thermoforming machine can always produce the good quality.
            2、The use of curved arm of the forming station and the cutting station: efficient and stable.
            3、The advanced heating system adopts advanced temperature control module and independent heating element control, with fast response and short time, achieving high efficiency and low energy consumption.